On 20 January to 22 January 2022, YFBM and our food bank heroes from the Association of Women and Single Mothers of Malaysia (WITUS), Sedulur Welfare Organization and Sahabat Jariah Malaysia managed to go down to the villages affected by the floods in Temerloh and Mentakab, Pahang under the Relief Mission Post -Flood Xiaomi (Phase 1a).

About 40 recipients were greeted by us by receiving donations such as washing machines, refrigerators, dining tables, chairs, and other household appliances. Suraus affected by the floods were also given attention in equipping the damaged surau equipment.
This Post -Flood Mission was carried out in several villages, namely:

🔅Kg Sungai Dingin
🔅Kg Paya Jejawi
🔅Kg Darat Sanggang
🔅Kg Sanggang
🔅Kg Loyang

Among the suraus affected:
🔅Surau Batu Kapur Bawah
🔅Surau Kg Paya Banir

Xiaomi’s Post -Flood Mission is sponsored by Xiaomi Malaysia by providing YFBM with funds to help flood victims.Apart from that, Xiaomi’s Post -Flood Mission was also assisted by the Public Works Department (JKR) by providing cooperation to us through the provision of logistical assistance for the movement of the mission this time. Not to be forgotten is the Village Leader who worked hard to facilitate the mission this time.

Once again, Thank you to all parties involved, sponsors, movers and recipients who gave their full cooperation in making Xiaomi’s Post -Flood Mission (Phase 1a) a success this time.

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