Frequently Ask Questions

YAYASAN FOOD BANK MALAYSIA (YFBM) is a charitable organisation governed by a Board of Trustees pursuant to the Trust Deed dated 22 December 2018 registered under Section 2 of the Trustee Act 1952. The foundation will be the catalyst for the effort to reduce food waste while addressing the issue of increasing cost of living, especially the poor or the B40.

We aim to rescue surplus food from the manufacturer, wholesaler, hypermarket and hotel industry; sort and re-distribute it to the identified targeted B40 communities in higher learning institution (IPT), charity home, welfare center and Program Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin (PPRT) through our strategic partners to reduce food waste and to help to ease and lessen the cost of living of the underprivileged Malaysian.

Our mission is to target “Zero Hunger” and “Zero Waste” through the halal and safe food supply in Malaysia.

Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia is a charitable organization placed under jurisdiction of the Minister Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs to ensure a more systematic and orderly management of Food Bank Malaysia Program.

We are more than happy with your kind heart to donate to Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia. Please go to page “Donate” or click here to proceed with your donation in the form of money, food or energy.

  1. To apply for food supply assistance individually, please fill in your information via this link. Click here.
  2. To apply for donations as an Organization/Association, please email us the following information at
    ✔️ Official letter of application.
    ✔️ Profile of the organization/association.
    ✔️ List of recipient information (Name, Address, etc). Send us in PDF format.

Anyone who contributes (Cash Only) to YFBM is eligible to claim an LHDN Tax Exemption Receipt from us. Only donations worth RM100.00 and above will be given an actual receipt from us.

You can redeem your Tax Exemption Receipt via the link below.

🔗 Tax Exemption Application