Taiwan Excellence Sharing is Caring with Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia

It’s our pleasure to welcome you Hendri from Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia. Since Jan 2019, they have been on a mission, determined to achieve TWO goals to reduce waste and help those in need with:
♻️ Zero Waste Nation
🍛 Zero Hunger
Despite the challenges which Covid-19 pandemic presents, they continued on with a project – Jelajah Merdeka (Roam for Independence), to help more than 2000+ families that are in need. We are glad to hear that Hendri finds the support and help through Sharing is Caring to address the social concerns and environmental protection for our country and mother earth 💪 Want to make a positive impact on our society and the environment? Join us on the ✨Sharing is Caring Campaign ✨
Get to US$150,000‬ in funds by submitting your proposal HERE: https://share-care.taiwanexcellence.org/
P.S. Stay tuned as we bring you more insights on environmental sustainability and environmental issues!