Food Bank Relief Xiaomi – Taman Sri Muda Shah Alam

Recently, YFBM had the opportunity to be kind to some residents in the Taman Sri Muda area, Shah Alam. A total of 100 recipients can benefit through Xiaomi’s Food Bank Relief program. Xiaomi Malaysia became the main sponsor for the program by supplying food boxes containing basic items to the recipients. Not to be forgotten is Himalaya Wellness who also donated items such as the “Hygine Kit” which contains face wash, body shampoo, hair and other hygiene tools. This program can be run smoothly because of the good full support from the Taman Sri Muda Resident Representative.
For information, the residents of Taman Sri Muda are the victims affected by the recent floods. Hopefully, with this donation, the daily affairs of the recipients will be easier. Thank you to everyone involved.

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