Eat Well With Fonterra 2022

“Eat Well With Fonterra 2022”
In conjunction with World Milk Day, YFBM took the opportunity to work with Fonterra Brands Malaysia to promote a sustainable and balanced meal plan for 50 B40 families located in PPR flats in Pantai Permai and PPR Kampung Limau for one month through a program called Eat Well with Fonterra .

The collaborative mission this time around aims to create a long -term impact on these families by educating them on appropriate nutrition that is budget -friendly, sustainable and easy to follow. During the program, participants had the opportunity to learn a few tips and healthy eating habits shared by Miss Wendy from Fonterra Brands Malaysia.

Apart from that, the participants and recipients also gained some culinary knowledge through a cooking demonstration by Chef Firuz from Fonterra Brands Malaysia. Two dishes were learned from this demonstration, namely the “Crêpe” and “Potato Rösti” recipes.

At the end of this demonstration, participants took the items provided for the program. It is expected that the total goods supplied will exceed RM1000.00 for four weeks for one household. Participants will be given recipes and healthy eating tips for 30 days to follow.

Thank you Fonterra Brands Malaysia!

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