Monsoon Humanitarian Relief 2021 Campaign

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Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia has helped almost a million underprivileged Malaysians.

Imagine, during the monsoon season, rubber tappers cannot go down to the rubber plantation to harvest rubber. Coastal fishermen cannot go down to sea to catch fish. Indigenous people cannot go into the forest to find food sources.

This causes them to run out of food supply, no food on the table, no provision to buy necessities, let alone buy things of their own will. Imagine if this was a member of our family? Not to mention if we go through it ourselves.

Therefore, Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia would like to invite concerned Malaysians to contribute to the foundation so that there are more communities that we can help together.

We are confident that it can be realized with the help of caring Malaysians. Keep up the determination and passion for #KitaJagaKita. Be our Food Bank Hero today by donating as much as you can.

Your donation can be channeled to Maybank account 5660 1063 0584 (Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia)

#TogetherWeFeedTheCommunity #FoodBankHeroes #YFBM #YayasanFoodBankMalaysia #Monsun

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